Testimonials for the COMMUNITY VILLAGE MODEL

"If it wasn't for Rogue Retreat, I am not sure where I would be right now. At my age being homeless is hard especially when it gets cold. Hope Village has helped me to grow as a person and saved my life." ~  Daniel

"Hope Village taught me how to live independently with my mental illness, and  is an absolutely vital program for the homeless that want to get off the streets.”~ Justin

“I have seen a lot of programs, and have yet to see an agency take on homelessness with the approach Rogue Retreat does when it comes to empowering people to change their lives.” ~Nathan

“You were my support when I needed it the most. It was the same year, 2009 and I was one of the first ones to move into Riverside after the remodel.  My baby was just 2 weeks old.. You helped me grow. I had no self-esteem or self -confidence and really struggled with my depression. Case management with Cindy was the support and understanding I needed to build my confidence in life. Thank you all for being an amazing light to so many in need of a home, friends, and family. I will forever be so grateful to Rogue Retreat and all the staff. “ ~Desiree

Foundry Village will be managed by Rogue Retreat modeled after Hope Village,

a tiny house program of Rogue Retreat in Medford, Oregon.